The web at 25
march 30th, 2014
The web is 25 years old... and it is in crisis. The browser wars are in full swing again, but the competition is dwindling and the quality of the browsers is taking a nosedive. The standards have become so unwieldy that CSS level 3 is split into more than 80 modules, of which only 18 are official recommendations. This is in 2014, 13 years after the introduction of CSS level 3. 

Templates and power
july 19th 2013
Do you use a template engine in your PHP projects or is PHP your template engine?

Opinions have traditionally been diverse and discussions heated. Some say 'PHP is a template engine, why would you need another one?'. Others have countered that PHP lacks features and clarity when used as a template engine.

But I think there is another more hidden difference of opinion or world outlook between people in these different camps. I think it as about power. Who has the power to program the system?

Is Option a Maybe in PHP?
december 13th 2012
Haskells Maybe Monad travelled through Scala's Option to Java 8 and has now even arrived in PHP. In a way. Is it still useful?

The problem with Routing
july 16th 2012
Frameworks are happening in php, and have been for some time now. There are numerous MVC frameworks, micro or not so micro. One thing they all seem to have in common - apart from the MVC part that is - is a routing engine. Unfortunately this usually makes the url's unusable.

may 13th 2012
It looks like the fine folks at ØMQ came up with a similar solution to a similar problem. They've applied the bus architecture purely to inter-proces/inter-node communication though. But I think a SimpleBus-based application should feel right at home with any number of zeromq busses. And there's even a PHP binding for zeromq :)

On simplicity
may 12th 2012
Simplicity comes from the use of a small number of concepts on a large number of problems. Design patterns provide a large number of concepts to use on similar problems.

Design patterns in itself are not bad - it is the use of too many different concepts - with profound underlying design ideas - in a single context that make that context hard to understand.

A PHP implementation of SimpleBus
may 12th 2012

A minimal implementation of the SimpleBus concept
may 11th 2012

Introducing SimpleBus
may 9th 2012
A software architecture for medium to large scale systems.

We are stupid. 
may 6th 2012
Let's face it, we may be the smartest organism on this planet - though some may doubt that as well - but we are all stupid. We can only do a few things at the same time and then not well. We can't count higher than about 9 - unless you are rainman - without resorting to a sort of mental tagging. Just don't move while I count! In fact we can't handle the complexity of reality without fuzzing it up untill what you see bears very little resemblance to it. Why then do we build software in such a way that only really smart beings can understand it?